How to design your website for success

The digital space is a priority for modern businesses in every industry, city and country – so your business is competing against a huge number of companies just to catch the eye of a potential customer. This makes your website design central to your marketing campaign.

Follow these expert website design tips and beat your competition:

  1. What makes you unique? Central to your marketing campaign and website is your unique selling approach – essentially, what makes you different from your competitor. This could be the fact you’ve been in business for over 50 years, you offer industry-leading guarantees and exceptional service or you prioritize innovation. Make sure this is prominent in the design and content of your site for maximum impact.
  2. Quality content. Good content educates consumers and boosts your company’s professional image with a great first impression. It also helps you get found on search engines such as Google which prioritize quality, useful content. Adding a blog will enhance this, allowing you to assist your clients with product information, answering questions and showing the uses of your goods and services.
  3. Compatibility. Internet users utilize a wide range of devices and platforms to search and access your website, so it’s vital your information – rather than an error message – is available to them. Design for platforms such as Firefox, Chrome and Explorer use responsive design methods to ensure your site is viewable on tablets, smartphones and desktops.
  4. SEO. Using clever Search Engine Optimization techniques will help make sure your customers find you rather than your competitor when they Google a relevant phrase or keyword. Research what your customers are typing in to find products and services that you offer and then include these phrases (along with useful content) in your website to boost rankings.
  5. A professional image. Customers want to be assured you are a reputable, professional company that they can trust and an error-ridden, out-of-date or poorly designed site is going to give the opposite impression. If your website looks great and works well, customers are going to want to do business with you – so if you don’t have an in-house web design team you should call in the professionals.

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