When is forming your own social media marketing team NOT the answer?

If your company is looking at social media platforms as a new focus for your digital marketing campaign, you may be considering creating an in-house position with your own team. After all, it’s affordable and means you have stronger control over your brand’s image and your employees have a good incentive to bring in measurable results, right? Wrong. Here’s why:

  • Social media marketing is time-consuming: Research has shown social media marketing should never be less than an investment of 25% of your team’s time – preferably, it should be much more. This means it cannot be simply added onto your employee’s current workload or even parceled off as a part-time job. Social media marketing agencies can easily take on this workload and relieve pressure on your team.
  • Social media never switches off: This isn’t a job that can be worked through quickly in the morning so employees can move on to other tasks – it’s an active project as long as your consumers are online with you. Competitions have to be managed, queries have to be responded to and concerns monitored quickly, smoothly and professionally. A social media marketing agency will have the resources to continually monitor your platforms and manage your brand reputation throughout the day.
  • Social media isn’t simple: Knowing about social media platforms and using them through personal accounts is a vastly different experience to managing a brand on the same media. Your brand’s tone has to be maintained at all times, negative responses have to be handled properly and a high level of ethics must be applied throughout. Social media agencies have the professionalism and – most importantly – the experience to deal with any online situation effectively and professionally.
  • Social media is changing all the time: If you want your brand to lead the competition online, you need to access the latest and most creative ideas for your products and services. Agencies are able to put their considerable experience in your hands, developing a strategy which meets your goals as effectively as possible and suggesting ideas they know bring in the results you’re looking for.

At WSI Digital Power, our team specializes in helping businesses get the most out of their digital marketing and social media marketing campaigns, utilizing market leading expertise and technology to help businesses throughout Ontario reach their potential. For more information, please contact us today.


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